PowerToys Weekly 21


This is the sixth week of PowerToys for Windows 10 on our blog, this week I will look at the tool Run that is part of the PowerToys version 0.18 that is released this week on Microsoft Build 2020.

Run what can you do with it

So with PowerToys Run you can start apps, search for running processes this was previously called WindowWalker but also search for applications, folders, or files.

Also you can invoke Shell Plugins using > Control for example when you want to open the control panel.

You can use it also as a calculator for doing calculations.

Step-By-Step Example

I will not go to write this because at the PowerToys Run Github Page they explain it very well.


So this week Microsoft organized the yearly MSBuild event, and Clint Rutkas and his team did also have a session where they did tell about the new 0.18 release and the PowerToys Run tool.

I right away installed the new version and tested PowerToys Run and I am very impressed by it. And looking forward to the next additions to the PowerToy family.

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