Day Before WCCP Summit 2022

Visiting Microsoft Campus in Redmond Seattle for the Windows Connection Program Summit 2022


Driving to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and checkin and then did head over to the security, there was a queue but was doable. Erik Moreau was already waiting for me, and we boarding the plane together to Seattle. After little more then 9 hours we arrived in Seattle airport and take a UBER to the hotel in Redmond.


Visiting Build 109

We had send a DM on the plane to Kayla Cinnamon to meet, so after we checked-in the Hotel we take a Uber to Build 109 where the Windows Terminal team is located. We had a nice meeting with also Clint from the PowerToys team. But can’t tell anything because it’s all on NDA.



When we came back to the hotel there was a nice surprise on the hotel room from the Microsoft WCCP Summit 2022.


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