My Journey With Microsoft Surface Devices

My Journey With Microsoft Surface Devices

My story about the Microsoft Surface Devices

I love the Surface devices, My first surface device was a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and I am still using it to test the Windows Insider dev builds on it. The Surface Pen I love also and use many when I fast want to draw some thing or when I have to put my Sign on a official document that I have to send somewhere.


And love the Docking for the Surface Pro 3 where you could put your device in and have all external devices like screen, keyboard, mouse and printer connected to.


Surface Book

The Microsoft Surface Book was my second device that I used and loved, with a real full size keyboard and the display that you could detach, liked this device because I looked and feel like a laptop.


Surface Docking

The Surface Docking is very handy because I can connect my two external monitors to it, one is a Dell 32" Curved 4K and the other a 27".


Microsoft Band

I had for some time also a Microsoft Band and loved it very much pithy that Microsoft cancelled the production of it. Because after some time the band broke.


Surface Go

Then my third device was a Surface Go, I did choose the little bit more expensive model that perform better than the cheaper one, and liked it very much, take it still with me next to my Surface Book 3 device that i use as my daily driver.

The size of the surface Go is extremely handy, also when I am on events.


Surface Headphones

Then I wanted to have a Surface Headphones when I was sitting many time on the phone, and Love the Surface Headphones with their noise cancelling in it. This year when I went to Microsoft Campus in Redmond I put them on in the plane and used the noise cancelling and did sleep some with the noise cancelling on maximum.


Surface Earbuds

Then Panos announced the Surface Earbuds on the Surface yearly event and off course I ordered the Surface Earbuds, they are lightweight and easy to put in your ears


Surface Book 3

At a given moment my Surface Pro 3 was not fast enough anymore with Microsoft Teams and I wanted something new, there was again a new Surface Event with Panos and they announced the Surface Book 3, so I pre-ordered it and after some months waiting it arrived.

I did order the one with 15" screen and a Core i7 with 512 gb off storage and 32 gb memory.


Surface Headphones 2

When the new Surface Headphones 2 came available I ordered them right away because they where now Teams Certified and have a Teams button. My girlfriend is now using my Surface Headphones on her Surface Pro 4 and she loves them very much.


Surface Keyboard and Mouse

Some time ago I ordered a Surface Keyboard and Mouse and use them daily, even take them with me when I go to a customer or the office.


Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker

With last Christmas I presented myself a Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker that is teams Certified. The sound is awesome and the cable is nicely put away on the edge of the speaker and there is a nice case with it in the style of the Surface Headphones.


Surface USB-C Travel Hub

It’s very handy because you have all the different option with you while you are traveling.


Other Accessories

I have also some other accessories like the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, The USB-C Network Adapter, but also some USB Network Adapter, USB to HDMI Adapters.

Surface Laptop Studio

My next device will be a Surface Laptop Studio, when I was in June in Redmond at the Microsoft Campus I seen a fellow and Friend MVP with it and looks very good.



As you can see I am a real Surface lover and fanboy as people call me. But why not the quality is right it all has the same style.

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