Surface Precision Mouse

Review about Microsoft Surface precision mouse


For about one month I am using the microsoft Surface precision mouse, before I did use the Microsoft Surface Mouse. But one disadvantage with this mouse is that it can only be connected to one device at a time.

Microsoft Surface Mouse

With the Microsoft Surface precision mouse you can have tree profile where you can switch between, this is handy because I use for my daily work a Surface Book 3 and I use my private owned Surface Book 3 for my community work and flighting Windows Insiders builds.

Profile for different devices

You can have 3 profiles (connections to devices) where you can switch between.


You can connect the mouse with Bluetooth to 3 differente devices or with a USB cable to one device at a time.


You have 3 buttons that you can customize with your own actions. You have to download the Mouse and Keyboard Center Software to configure the buttons.

Rechargeable battery

You van recharge the mouse with a USB-C cable and at the same time when it is charging you can still use it.


All with all I am very happy with my new Microsoft Surface precision mouse.

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